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Martini Wardrobe Essential Dresses for Beautiful, Younger You – Casual & Party Wear Dress 

Look and feel beautiful with Martini’s gorgeous collection of summer and college wear for the modern woman.

Complete your pretty woman look with this chic collection of plain and floral prints. Feel the heads turn as you walk along the street in hot shamrock green or a scorching yellow cut out dress.

Feel like a classic beauty queen as you stroll along the beach on cool breezy evenings in drawstring pieces made of the finest cotton fabric.

Impress your colleagues with smart office long gowns that draw out your best features. Get the best wardrobe deals on western wear for the intelligent, suave new businesswoman!

Get up and about town, indulge the new successful you, with a sequin party gown. Flaunt your attitude with sultry black and audacious red golden sequin dresses.

Make billowing floral maxi dresses look cool again with adorable, yet breathable fabric. This is the perfect dress for a quiet evening dinner with your closest friends or family.

Martini is the smart buying choice for the modern urban woman. With extensive options for women and girls regardless of size, figure and age, Martini helps you get the best out of life by getting high on life. Inspired by the Martini – a cocktail of refined taste and repute – this clothing brand is solely dedicated to help you look your best, stay motivated and succeed! Get browsing through the online catalogue now!