Winter Blazers and coats for women

Essential Winter-wear Accessories Every Woman Needs

November 25, 2019

We spoil ourselves with the most fashionable clothing. Get what’s hip, what’s in, what we love. Now dashing as we look, in each piece of clothing in our fantastic wardrobe, there are a few things that we need, that are essential not only for their style statement but also for their utility. Winters can be … Continue reading “Essential Winter-wear Accessories Every Woman Needs”

Women Winter Wear

What to Pack for a Mid-winter Vacation

November 18, 2019

So, the sun is mild, there is a chill in the air and now an afternoon stroll doesn’t seem like a bad idea. In the mornings you like to stay under the warmth of a blanket and you look forward to that hot cup of coffee or tea. Now, you think is the ideal time … Continue reading “What to Pack for a Mid-winter Vacation”

Fall and autumn Clothes for women

This Fall, Bring in a Cheerful Colorful Wardrobe

October 26, 2019

The season to dress up is upon us already; are you ready to shine? Whether you are headed out to cocktail parties, movie festivals, or the theatre for a stand-up comedy session or a musical performance, you have to be dressed to the nines and looking your best. Is the variety making it difficult to … Continue reading “This Fall, Bring in a Cheerful Colorful Wardrobe”

Style Your Autumn Look with the Coolest Crop Tops and Off-shoulder Blousons

October 23, 2019

Autumn is a unique season – you are prepping for winter while living in a warm, temperate climate. It poses such a unique challenge to the fashion industry, how to make women look super chic and yet not leave them feeling stuffy or cold! And the industry gives back an apt response – in the … Continue reading “Style Your Autumn Look with the Coolest Crop Tops and Off-shoulder Blousons”

women winter collection

Trendy Fashion Wear for Women This Winter

October 17, 2019

With the beginning of the fall/winter season, the time to make merry and spread good cheer is here! And it all has to start with your own self, so before you make plans to party or travel, upgrade and update your wardrobe so that no matter what clothes you pick and wear every day, you … Continue reading “Trendy Fashion Wear for Women This Winter”

Black woolen long winter coat

Best Stylish and Unique Plus Size Dress for Women

September 26, 2019

Whether you are heading to a cocktail party, to a wedding, or holiday vacation with your special man, you don’t want to make any mistake that leaves out an impression out there of you being underdressed – underrated. This lifestyle and fashion blog series round up the best plus size cocktail, semi-formal and formal dresses … Continue reading “Best Stylish and Unique Plus Size Dress for Women”

Fuchsia Pink Knee Length Satin Nighty

Stylish and Comfortable Nightwear for Women

September 17, 2019

The day might not be yours, but the night is yours! After giving your best to the workplace or household chores day-long, it’s time for yourself now. At Martini, we feel, a lady’s choice in nightwear depends on personal taste. Whether you want something warm, something loose and comfy, or feminine and flattering negligee, our … Continue reading “Stylish and Comfortable Nightwear for Women”

shorts for Women

Cool and Funky Shorts for Women – Must Have This Summer

July 31, 2019

“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.” When Bob Marley said those words, he must have been thinking of summertime at a beach; people relaxing and sipping their iced teas and coconut water, children laughing and splashing in the waves and teenagers playing volleyball in bright and vibrant colored … Continue reading “Cool and Funky Shorts for Women – Must Have This Summer”

Summer Clothing for Women & Girls

What to Wear in the Summer of 2019

June 12, 2019

Summer need not be a time you dread for its tendency to block your beauty with sweat, acne and disaster. Smart, inexpensive choices can be just as effective in beating the heat. Although unavoidable, it is advised that you stick to the indoors for much of the hot season. The ozone hole is getting bigger … Continue reading “What to Wear in the Summer of 2019”