About us

MARTINI is a fashion Brand for Modern, Urban woman catering to all dimensions: from the most urban lines to the more casual. Our inspiration is the cocktail MARTINI which is considered as perfect an innovation as the sonnet…. Our only desire is to make you feel good and look ravishingly beautiful in our inspiring fashion clothes and accessories….Rest all that we do is incidental….


CUSTOMER SERVICE is the reason for our existence… Always exceed our customer's expectation…. Organization which actually listens to the customer's queries and problems and solve them….


Our core team has just the right mix of youth and experience and has the zeal for learning.

Rajesh Chauhan - Graduate from IIT Delhi and alumnus of Purdue University, with more than 20 years experience in export & retail

Aditya – Graduate from Delhi College of Engineering, with a passion to exemplify

Neelam - Our design & retail expert